Who Needs to Register?

Registration is required for every adult (18 years old or greater) who is going to fly rockets or assist a child with flying rockets. All attendees, flying or not, must check-in at the registration desk. Tripoli Banquet registration is separate from flying registration (see below).

All Flyers Must Register

Flyer Registration Desk at ROC Launch.

Anyone flying rockets or assisting at the pads must register for the event. This includes all adults flying model rockets or assisting children who are flying model rockets. Flyers do not need to be members of Tripoli or NAR to register to fly. If flyers are certified Level 1,2 or 3, they must be current members of Tripoli or NAR and will be asked to show proof of membership at the registration desk.

You will receive a badge at the registration desk. Your badge will be required in order to access the range.

Advance Flyer’s Registration

Advance flying registration is closed. On-site registration was $20 per day.

Advance Flyer’s Registration for ROC Members

Advanced registration is closed. ROC members flew at LDRS for $10 per day. Your immediate family (spouse and children) may fly under your membership.

Reserve a Hotel Room

The official LDRS 40 hotel had discount room rates of $129 a night.